Interviews – Tungsten Stories chat to David Brown after his 24 hour Dartathon 

Today we are joined by Lancashire darts MC David Brown from St Helens who yesterday completed a 24 hour darts marathon over two days (2 x 12hrs ) to raise money for people with leukemia and cancer a superb cause and the whole event was streamed on St Helens darts website it was a fantastic operation to make the event a huge success.
In total there was 345 legs of darts played, and Brown won 226 of them a superb effort.

Thanks for joining us Dave, first of all how are you feeling after completing the 24 hour dartathon ?

” Tired, aching in pain drained but feeling a great satisfaction on my achievement knowing I’ve done.something amazing for a great cause”

The event was very well thought through with live streaming for event and a great set up at the a180 shop in St Helens there was obviously a great team behind it all ?

” Basically it was just myself karl Holden and Neil Devlin he is the master and the genius behind the streaming”

What gave you the idea to do the dartathon ?

” Some of the people are my friends who have battled or battling cancer and leukaemia so funds needed to be raised so I did what I know which was darts I love my sport so followed this route”

You have many friends in the darting world with you being the Lancashire darts MC and a experienced player yourself did any of the pros show their support ?

” Yes Robbie Green, Stephen Bunting, Dave Chisnall , Alan Tabern, Darryl Fitton all either donated something for the fundraiser or sponsored me which I am thankful for”

Do you have a rough idea on how much money was raised over the two days ?

” Not 100% sure but hoping it’s near the £1000 mark”

Would you ever do something like this again in the future ?

” Not a chance as it’s so mentally and physically challenging on your own but maybe in a team doing it . Your shoulder arm forearm calf’s all stiffen up during it” 

Which leg out of the 345 was your favourite? (If you can remember) 

” The last one as once I hit that double it was pure relief”

Are there any individuals you wish to thank ?

” Would like to thank everyone that supported me but special thanks to Lancashire,yorkshire,merseyside and Wiltshire counties also Neil Devlin,Karl and Dawn Holden of a180 darts, also my boss at budget cases who sponsored the event”

Thank you for your time Dave and well done on completing this fantastic achievement.

” Thank you  and thank you to everyone” 


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