Hedman’s double see’s her hit the magic 100 major ranking titles whilst Duzza and Robbo share the spoils at Selsey! 

Hedman’s double see her hit the magic 100 major ranking titles whilst Duzza and Robbo share the spoils at Selsey


Deta Hedman walked away with a fantastic double giving her the long awaited 100th major ranking final victory which was shortly followed by her 101st.

Hedman (28.14) clinched the National Singles title beating Lisa Ashton (26.86) 5-4 in a closely fought contest. Deta (26.29) beat Fallon Sherrock (26.97) 5-4 in the semi-final despite being 4-2 down whereas Lisa (26.79) edged out Lorraine Winstanley (26.65). Deta then later on in the evening clinched the Open Singles title (30.01) 5-2 against Aileen De Graaf (27.29). Deta (26.39) again came from 4-1 down to beat Anatasia Dobromyslova (24.26) 5-4 in the semi-final and Aileen (26.39) beat Trina Gulliver (25.37) 5-2 in the other semi.

So huge congratulations Deta for not only clinching the double this weekend but for hitting the magic 100 major ranking titles. A phenomenal achievement!


Gary Robson (27.58) whitewashed Dennis Harbour 6-0 to take the Men’s National Singles title. Gary (26.10) cruised past Paul Harvey (26.60) 6-2 in the first semi-final before Dennis (29.55) edged out Scott Mitchell (28.70) 6-4 in the other semi.

Robson celebrates his 49th birthday in style (photo:England Darts)

Glen Durrant (29.18) clinched the Men’s Open Singles title beating London’s Conan Whitehead (28.24) 6-3. Glen (31.37) beat Wales’ Wayne Warren (31.18) 6-4 in the first semi-final whilst Conan (32.15) beat Scott Mitchell (31.06) 6-3 in the other semi.


Duzza wins the England Open! (photo:England Darts)

Earlier on, Lorraine Winstanley & Anastasia Dobromyslova (22.10) walked away as the Ladies Pairs champions edging past Deta Hedman & Rachel Brooks (22.59) and Darius Labanauskas & Madars Razma (31.31) claimed the Men’s Pairs title beating the Welsh duo Rhys Griffin and Ritchie Edwards (29.00) 3-0.

Yorkshire’s Beau Greaves (22.10) took the Girls Youth title beating Gloucestershire’s Amy Collins (16.97) 3-0 before Sussex’s Alex Gurr (19.34) beat Essex’s Adam Howard (21.80) 3-1 to claim the Boy’s Youth title.



By Matt Doe  


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