Unicorn unveil their 2017 range!

Unicorn Darts last week unveiled their 2017 range, with some stunning products in line to be released later this autumn we will talk you through the products featured in the 2017 range.
ICON Range

Unicorns Icon range is completed by darts featuring their Icon players including Raymond van Barneveld, Gary Anderson, John Lowe, Bob Anderson, James Wade, Kim Huybrechts, Wez Newton, Terry Jenkins all these darts come in a wonderfully presented icon case.

Below is the Gary Anderson darts with the Icon Case.

photo:Unicorn Darts


New to 2017 the ultracore system allows you to change the definition of your darts with 16 different combinations of weight and balance to suit your grip and technique with interchangeable tungsten pieces to allow you to find the perfect darts weight and balance for you.

photo:Unicorn Darts

NEW Soft Tip Darts

Team Unicorn have now released Soft Tip darts for each of their icons with Raymond van Barneveld, Gary Anderson, John Lowe, Bob Anderson, James Wade, Michael Smith, Kim Huybrechts, Ian White, Jamie Caven.

Also the phase 1-5 range are avaliable in soft tip over 50 sets of Unicorn darts avaliable in soft tip they really are showing why they are the big name in darts.

NEW Dartboard Lighting

New to the 2017 is the new lighting system from unicorn with 360 degrees non glare illuminations to eliminate shadows on the board a superb piece of kit!

photo:Unicorn Darts

NEW Dartboards

Recently Unicorn unveiled their new Eclipse HD2 dartboard which made its TV debut at the world cup of darts a few weeks ago, it has interchangeable coloured numbers, a slimmer bullseye wire, ultra slim wire, the PDC have made it their board of choice until 2022.

Photo:Unicorn Darts

A new addition to the range is the non-electronic soft tip dartboard which includes 6 soft tip darts.

NEW Surrounds

New to the 2017 range are team unicorn personalised dartboard surrounds decorated with World Champion’s Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld.

Dartmate Tri-Stand

A fantastic new addition to the range is the Dartmate tri-stand the stand is fully portable and folds up in seconds! this fantastic piece of kit is so easy to set up and you can literally take it anywhere.

photo:Unicorn Darts

X Flight

Another addition to the 2017 collection is the X-Flight system introducing the world’s first 3-piece polymer flight system.

The X Flight kit comes with a clear polycarbonate shaft, black body and a white wing, the body and the wing are avaliable in different colours allowing you to personalise your X Flight experience.

photo:Unicorn Darts

NEW Flights

There are some new flights added to the 2017 collections including Black Barney five times flights, Gary Anderson Tartan edition flights, Gary Anderson world champion edition flights, Ian White ‘Diamond’ flights, Jamie Caven new slim flights.

Icon Case

A new darts case has been added to the 2017 range which is the Icon case a beautiful looking case with a soft feel cover. 


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