Reviews – Unicorn Eclipse HD 2 dartboard! 

Tungsten Stories are proudly powered by Unicorn Darts

Today we are reviewing the Eclipse HD2 dartboard from Unicorn Darts, the board retails for around £42, people keep asking me whats are the differences between this one and the Eclipse HD.
Well here are a few of the new features/differences – 

  • NEW extra thin Bullseye, increasing the playing area by 14%
  • NEW high definition playing surface with replacable numbers (with different colours) and a black number ring
  • A whole new spider for increased concentration on the targets

So here’s what you get with the Eclipse HD2, on the box it says ‘THE CLEAREST PLAYING SURFACE EVER’ 

It also states the new features that we just discussed, with the PDC logo on as it is the official board supplier for the PDC until 2022.
On the back of the box is states a few more of the NEW features – 

  • NEW ultraslim steel wire – no external legs for high definition radial spider

also on the rear of the box is a little cut out ‘ways to finish’ card along with a few rules/instructions on how to mount the board and the distances allowing you to set up your board correctly. Theres also a dartboard durability chart.
Also included is a big checkout chart with World Champions Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld and Darting Legends Bob Anderson and John Lowe.

And of course all the screws and the bracket needed to set the board up.

The new number ring is a superb idea as it doesnt distract you from the numbers, the playing surface really does feel superb, the replaceable number really are also another fantastic addition as it makes the board look even more beautiful to play on.

Thinner Bullseye ring giving you 14% extra playing area

Another thing we have noticed is that the holes in the board heal up quicker than any board we have ever seen before, we use a variety of different points and it must be said it has passed the test with them all, you must make sure you turn your board regularly though as its good for your board and keeps it in tip top condition!

Replaceable Numbers a NEW edition to the HD2!

The board for us, is the BEST dartboard out there at present in terms of look,performance and quality.
It looks simply stunning with the black number ring and the big replaceable numbers, it is great to feel the board such a great surface feel to it.

The Clearest Playing Surface EVER!

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